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In arrears with Council Tax?

If you're struggling with council tax debt, our team of professionals are ready to help you clear your debt and deal with intimidating bailiffs.

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Our experienced case workers can help stop bailiff action with your local authority. If you owe money to your local council, speak to us to get back on track with an IVA.


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We could put a halt to any and all bailiff action. We would opt to do this by means of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement primarily, but will advise other alternatives if applicable.

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Bailiffs cannot trespass your property unless given permission to do so by the court. You have the right to appoint a representative to stop Bailiffs harassing you.

What are your rights?

You shouldn't pay more than you can afford. You have the right to work with Bailiff Rescue to secure a legal solution that protects and suits YOU, such as an IVA.

Really helpful, made, me feel at ease, and explained everything well, as well as listening to me and any concerns I had, I finally feel like I can sleep easy and look forward to living stress free.... this has given me a future back to look forward to and cant thank them enough for all there help!

Manchester, UK

After a tough few months with the pandemic and personal issues I was under pressure from bailiffs. I whole heartedly recommend Bailiff Rescue. The agent, Michael was extremely helpful, who quickly pointed us in the right direction and stoped the bailiffs from taking further action.


I had the Bailiff at the door who gave me 24 hours before they would take action. This case was far from easy and created huge stress with a bill of almost £3000. Megan was super knowledgable and sympathetic. She assisted me navigating the entire process with ease. In the end it was the best choice I made. Thank you.


I found myself in a distressing position following a visit from an enforcement Officer. After a call from Bailiff Rescue, through completing the online form, I was instantly put at ease. I thought my case was highly complicated, but it turned out a lot better than I had though. Would recommend them for sure.


Always remeber


Do not let Bailiffs in. You are not compelled to let anyone enter your home, so make sure you don't.


Don't be intimidated. You don't have to engage in conversation with bailiffs.


Never sign anything. By all means, don't sign anything a bailiff puts in front of you.

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What is a CCJ?

A county court judgment (CCJ) is when you owe someone money and a court ruled that you have to pay it back.

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Our services are completely free and confidential. Submitting an enquiry will not impact your credit file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about Bailiffs
Who are bailiffs?

Bailiffs collect unpaid debts when local councils find themselves being owed money that's not been paid. A bailiff is instructed to collect a debt on their behalf. Bailiffs deliver paperwork on behalf of the council or creditor.

What is a bailiff allowed to do?

Bailiffs can only take goods if you let them into your home.

Bailiff Rescue strongly advises to not let them in at all but even if you do, Bailiffs can't take everything.

• Certified bailiffs cannot take protected items such as clothing, bedding, your fridge, cooker or any other household goods, which is needed for you and your family's basic needs.

• No tools of trade, vehicles or items which you need to carry on working.

•Anything that is attached to a wall.

•Children's clothes and playthings. However, bailiffs can remove children's bikes.

When will a bailiff come knocking?

Certified Bailiffs are required to attend your property between sunrise and sunset if they are collecting rent arrears.

Bailiffs collecting other types of debt are simply required to call at a reasonable hour, which is generally considered to be between 06:00 and 21:00

Sundays and bank holidays are days upon which bailiffs are not allowed to call unless they have permission to do so from the court.

How to make a complaint about a bailiff?

You are well within your rights to make complaints about bailiffs if they have not acted in a professional manner or if they have broken the law.

Your first port of call is to speak to the creditor who instructed the bailiff. This is most likely to be your local authority or the County Court.

It's possible the bailiff has been employed by a private company. In this case, you should send you complaint to that company. Bailiffs usually belong to a trade association and these have set complaints procedures that you can follow.

Try the Civil Enforcement Association: Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA), 513 Bradford Road, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 8LL.

You can also take the bailiff to court if you wish. You can apply to have the bailiffs certificate removed if the bailiff took too many goods away than was actually necessary to pay off your debt. It is generally considered negligence if your goods are sold at less than the second hand value or the goods are damaged.

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What is an IVA?

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement, or IVA, is a legally binding financial agreement available to residents in the United Kingdom who are struggling with unmanageable debt. It provides a structured path to repay creditors over a fixed period, usually five years, while protecting you from further legal actions and interest charges. IVAs are a popular debt solution for individuals looking to regain control of their finances and avoid bankruptcy. They offer a structured and manageable way to clear your debts and make a fresh financial start.

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