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Really helpful, made, me feel at ease, and explained everything well, as well as listening to me and any concerns I had, I finally feel like I can sleep easy and look forward to living stress free.... this has given me a future back to look forward to and cant thank them enough for all there help!

Manchester, UK

After a tough few months with the pandemic and personal issues I was under pressure from bailiffs. I whole heartedly recommend Bailiff Rescue. The agent, Michael was extremely helpful, who quickly pointed us in the right direction and stoped the bailiffs from taking further action.


I had the Bailiff at the door who gave me 24 hours before they would take action. This case was far from easy and created huge stress with a bill of almost £3000. Megan was super knowledgable and sympathetic. She assisted me navigating the entire process with ease. In the end it was the best choice I made. Thank you.


I found myself in a distressing position following a visit from an enforcement Officer. After a call from Bailiff Rescue, through completing the online form, I was instantly put at ease. I thought my case was highly complicated, but it turned out a lot better than I had though. Would recommend them for sure.


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